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August 21st, 2016, 8:02 pm

Official Hiatus Announcement

Hey, it's the second anniversary! ...Of this comic not updating.
Well... At this point it's kinda obvious that this comic is on hiatus. However, I never really officially announced it, nor said until when and all that, so I'm saying it now. No, I'm not giving up on this comic, I just learned with time that I can only focus on one comic at one time, and since 20 Times Kirby was the first one I started working on and all that, that's the one I'm focusing right now. Well, this is what's happening with KatMM:

- No updates until, at least, when I'm done with 20TK. This is, what, two, three years? It's a long time, but I'd rather not update this comic, like, one time this year, then take ages again to update it again. If I happen to have an idea for this comic during this time (it sometimes happens), I'll just write it down and leave it be, I'm not going to make a page.

- I have plans for 20TK even after it ends, so, huh, maybe I'll end up cancelling this comic in the future. I'm not sure right now, it really will depend on what happens in the future. Like I've said multiple times, with 20TK ideas come, and come, and come, but with KatMM they just don't come. After thinking for a while now, I'm guessing it's because of how the comics are different: 20TK is a lot more complex and more flexible, while in KatMM I'm following the fixed story of a game, with lots of patterns... If that makes any sense.

Well, I hope you can understand that. 20 Times Kirby has been updating normally if you don't follow it yet, I recommend reading it if you want to keep following my work. And don't worry, it won't have any major spoilers from KatMM. I might end up putting a hint or two of what's supposed to happen on this comic there, but nothing direct, I'm not that mean.
With that said, thanks for reading.

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