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Fast Fowarding - Part 2

Fast Fowarding - Part 2


Kirby And The Magic Mirror

A retold version of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. But this time Kirby is not split into four and he has two Mirror World's versions of himself, instead of just one. And they are completely different from Shadow Kirby. Currently on hiatus for who knows how long.


Official Hiatus Announcement

Hey, it's the second anniversary! ...Of this comic not updating.
Well... At this point it's kinda obvious that this comic is on hiatus. However, I never really officially announced it, nor said until when and all that, so I'm saying it now. No, I'm not giving up on this comic, I just learned with time that I can only focus on one comic at one time, and since 20 Times Kirby was the first one I started working on and all that, that's the one I'm focusing right now. Well, this is what's happening with KatMM:

- No updates until, at least, when I'm done with 20TK. This is, what, two, three years? It's a long time, but I'd rather not update this comic, like, one time this year, then take ages again to update it again. If I happen to have an idea for this comic during this time (it sometimes happens), I'll just write it down and leave it be, I'm not going to make a page.

- I have plans for 20TK even after it ends, so, huh, maybe I'll end up cancelling this comic in the future. I'm not sure right now, it really will depend on what happens in the future. Like I've said multiple times, with 20TK ideas come, and come, and come, but with KatMM they just don't come. After thinking for a while now, I'm guessing it's because of how the comics are different: 20TK is a lot more complex and more flexible, while in KatMM I'm following the fixed story of a game, with lots of patterns... If that makes any sense.

Well, I hope you can understand that. 20 Times Kirby has been updating normally if you don't follow it yet, I recommend reading it if you want to keep following my work. And don't worry, it won't have any major spoilers from KatMM. I might end up putting a hint or two of what's supposed to happen on this comic there, but nothing direct, I'm not that mean.
With that said, thanks for reading.

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ August 21st, 2016, 8:02 pm
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Happy Third Anniversar- Wait...

So... Huh...
Today is KatMM 3rd anniversary! And, well...
I won't do anything this year, sorry.
Yes, I know you're all waiting for an update since EXACTLY one year, but, you know, it has been difficult for me to update this comic. I've listed the reasons too many times already so, if you want to know, just read the previous news posts.
But, to be honest, I REALLY hope I can update this comic in July. Or, who knows, maybe at the end of June? But, really, even if I updated today, I just don't know what I would celebrate. I mean, what was KatMM since June 14th last year? Nothing, just that one comic that hasn't updated in much time. So yeah. I'll see what I can do. But there was really no reason to update at the anniversary...
I even thought of cancelling this comic. Really, I did. However, I feel that I must finish this. Even though I'm pretty sure that at this point this comic will never get a good ending, I need to finish this for 20TK. Really, if this comic was just another comic I worked on... This comic wouldn't even have started.
Oh well, I'll see what will happen to this comic. Right now, just know that I'm aware that this comic needs to update, and that I'm upset that I'm not updating.

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ June 14th, 2014, 4:51 pm
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Why this comic is STILL dead

Yeah, I talked about a hiatus... In July. Now we're in 2014, and in January, and still no updates since JUNE. So, what the heck is happening?

- Writer's block. I have almost no quests ideas for the areas, and that's pretty much EVERY PAGE.
- Lack of time. Yeah, I'm like in the end of my summer vacation, but that doesn't mean I don't have to do anything. I even took a test during it. And whenever I get time...
- 20 Times Kirby. Yeah, 20TK is the priority. Maybe I could've updated some day if I wasn't busy with 20TK stuff.
- Lack of backgrounds. You know how KatAM doesn't have its beckgrounds' sprites ripped? I have to rip them, and I haven't done that. And that takes time, and A LOT of time. And I don't even have scripts. Huh.
- 2014 is MY LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL. I have a giant test in the end of year, with EVERYTHING I've learned in THREE YEARS. Free time? 20 Times Kirby.
- I might even need to work this year... Not full-time, of course, but still work. Free time? 20 Times Kirby. ²
- You Ask, We Reply. Like, when I have free time and it's not for 20 Times Kirby, YAWR comes first, yeah, before KatMM. Because there I don't have writer's block nor anything, lol.
- I have a life. Yeah, I do, like really. Free time? 20 Times Kirby. ³

So, unless I magically get ideas for quests, get time to rip the backgrounds and actually feel like updating, this comic won't. Sorry.

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ January 25th, 2014, 5:33 pm
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Yes, another, this time because of two different things: writer's block and lack of time.
Writer's block because I have no scripts done. To be honest, I don't have a good idea of what's going to happen in each area, and since I'm focusing mainly on 20TK I can't just go and try to think of it.
Lack of time because of personal reasons, even though I'm on vacation. And in two weeks I'm back to school, so you know...
Right now I just want to focus on working on 20TK before my winter vacation ends, so that I can keep the track once I'm back to school. I'll try to update as soon as I can, but I have no idea when... Hope you guys understand!

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ July 15th, 2013, 11:42 am
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I'm sorry...

I won't be able to update this comic for a while (AGAIN), mainly because I need to catch up my stuff of 20TK, and school isn't helping me with that, so when I have the time to work on comics, I work on 20TK, this comic is being left behind.
I'm sorry, really, I hate the fact I can't update this comic at least once a week. :/

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ September 10th, 2012, 5:47 pm
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Need your opinion

I am gonna be honest here. If this comic keeps like this, it will only end about 2020. I am being serious. If I took almost a year to finish the first area, and there are eight left... And I want it to end either the end of 2013, either the beginning of 2014. So, I've got some plans.
Since the only important boss fight that is not the final is boss is Lindroganti's fight, I have no reason to make a chapter for the other ones. And since the only thing that is really important for this comic is the final boss fight, I've been thinking about some solutions to make this comic not finish after I finish college. So, they are:

1- Finish Lindroganti's Legacy, make a chapter with one page for each thing of each area (for example, the first page is the first guardian of Moonlight Mansion, the second is the second, then the third, the fourth, the boss, and there it goes until the boss of Candy Constellation) and then the chapter for the final boss. There will be about 40 pages between the current chapter and the last one.

2- Finish Lindroganti's Legacy, make a chapter with one page for each area (in the same page, I show Kirby getting all the abilities for the area and defeating the boss. The pages will have to be a bit big, but whatever) and then the chapter for the final boss. There will be about 8 pages between the current chapter and the last one.

3- Finish Lindroganti's Legacy with a GIANT page with EVERYTHING (Kirby getting all abilities and defeating all bosses. Yes, this page would be GIANT) and then the chapter for the final boss. There will be only one page between the current chapter and the last one.

4- Finish Lindroganti's Legacy and simply go to the chapter for the final boss.

For now the best idea in my opinion is the second one, but I wanna hear yours. And sorry, but there is no option of keeping the comic like it is, no matter if it's what you would rather to happen, because as you can see I can't keep it. Also, if you have any other idea, please tell me.

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ July 9th, 2012, 8:09 am
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The comic was already updated today. It will be updated by around the same time it was the next two days. Curse you glitched SJ. >.>

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ June 9th, 2012, 4:49 pm
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One week 'til the happy day

Yeah, I like posting news on this comic.
Anyway, June 8th is the day this comic will start updating again. I only need to finish two more pages, then the seven I promised you will be done, and posted. I am also telling you because maybe SJ won't show the comic as updated, so you know when pages will start coming.

Posted by Gigi19972010 @ June 1st, 2012, 2:20 pm
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